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sedaka:40 musical years

i let you walk away was recorded in 1978 by randy crawford & his own discography essential:1973laughter in the rain1975stepping out'perfect strangers1980in the pocket'you re so good to me &1981now'on the road again more data in still active right now check

Allee willis demos rarerelease

1981 she co-wrote crying my heart out4you with michaelmasser by diana ross

stan meissner capac's president

1984'compact disc'walk out of my life & songwriter of if we could start over again

magness& ballard team

songwriters of love in time4lee greenwood &solo of clif in 1995'footprints in the rain

singer/songwriter:clifford t ward

perferct british melodies discography:1973home thoughts'where is it going to end?1975escalator'way of love1978new englandays'reckless1983both of us'change of heart1986sometimes next year'stains1999julia'i dont understand your logic&demos'this was our love

miss de _sykes

songwriter of as long as we believe4simon may & her own discography 1974rain'donturn the other cheek by arnold/martinmorrow 1975self-titled'what good is love&1978crazy lady'singer of the song

webb on the web

songwriter producer singer he wrote once & for all for barry manilow & his own discography is:1970 & so 'met her on a plane 1971 letters'hurt so well 1974 land's end justhis one time1978 el mirage'moment in a shadow&1983angel heart 'our movie with harmonies by america

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Artists united welch songwriter

1971 the clowns album is out& he composed who s waiting4you tonight? sung bymaxinightingale

schock_o'late harriet s back when the magic dies 1984 latest charlene single was her creation

gary portnoy:never despair

gary portnoy released compact discs destiny&keeper18years after his 1980sony music album featuring half moon he wrote i ll never get enough of you with judy quay&jeanne di napoli 4airsupply in their1981arista lp the one that you love cheers & keep on the good work

mark spiro right now

ill be good to you has been recorded by gifted benny mardones on his1987 curb superb effort but donny osmond was interested too cause its a mark spiro great composition here you see one of mark's compact disc typical west-coast grand-style melodies with a us_rock edge

he s no communist dont worry:richard marx

singer_songwriter composed 4durell coleman somebody took my love check regarding his own releases featuring1991 rush street &the winning quartet is your world big boy now chains around my heart &take this heart i like also on the other side his latest single

larry weiss sooooooooooo nice

scott english & him wrote refugee from love black&blue suite features great anytime babe

nancy shanks you sir you re the best_i know

wrote if its love 4 jim photoglo in 1983 & heres her lp with one jimandron song

jacquie sullivan down memorylane

here s one fabulous masterful single &she wrote 4pat boulay everytime you touched me

e g white:newgeneration

shiver by cutie natalie imbruglia was penned by him & here s his compact disc

mike reid 80s&onwards

rca begins to head towards country-pop in 1983 ronnie milsap ends his inside release with its just a room wonderful mike reid composition in the 90s begins recording contract with sony music & his twilightown cd features i wont have the hearto leave this town pretty tune full of nostalgia

hurt singsfrom the heart

gladys knight opened perfectly her1978lp with am i too late a jim hurt song here are some demos love in the1st degree _ was alabama best hit in 1980 but also new stuff working man &dynamic perfectly sung temporary love

sweets4my sweet:bill la bounty

here is bill 1983 release featuring hit single living it up big on radio through europe i recommend this night wont last 4ever too his earlier1978release produced by jay senter he wrote learning to love again 4 bill medley 1 of the righteous brothers on his 1981sweethunder lp

randy goodrum:country meets pop

nashville songwriters association international president & composer of A broken hearted me/seals &coley maybe its notoo late/bill medley i ve got somebody/tanya tucker&rest of the night/natalie cole here is randy performing his classics&more whos holding donna now....

old & newsongs:david pomeranz

singer-songwriter barry manilow chose his trying to get feeling again & the old songs to perform them on his 1975&1981 lps on the same label -is is really useful to mention them great clive davis team:arista david released his own solo effort featuring the hit song of all time

patton songwriter not officer

1981 once more great album co-produced by christine-fleetwoodmac singer & starting with dont give it up west-coast special ballad +he co-wrote with chris christian" see 1st page_the respectable when the world runs out of love as performed by dionne warwick on her 1980no night so long lp

musician producer michael omartian

1991 own c d featured here&he composed cross&ruffelle duet i will take you4ever &

1 of my favs:kenny nolan

his lonely together appears on barry manilow1980's l p but its mostly his own career i love:1975 i like dreaming 1978 a song between us &1983mca head to toes featuring the love song that will shake the world & he kept his promise cause everything is perfectly orchestrated &he sings & composes perfectly thats4sure

julie from a distance

this one was a hit single 4 bette midler in 1991 see her compact discs

carole king &gerry goffin :brill-building strikes again

even though she made a longer solo career i want u to know him cause hesbeen michaelmasser long-time favourite partner writing 4 soulegends diana ross &dionne warwick such masterpieces as long road ahead of us starting over again stay with me one more chance featured below is gerry latest c d

Arnold morrow & martin

1970 butterscotch & david martin solo career later on 3ukmasters of harmony created you saved my life johnny mathis & stephanie lawrence duet cant smile without you 4barrymanilowhugesingle wrote & produced ian raines featuring drop-deadgorgeous never mind its only love heres david single another love song on the b-side

songwriter of the month:simon may

barry leng&simon may produced & wrote more than in love topping the uk charts in 1981 aswell as i want you back also performed by kate robbins here s simon own album in 1976 through pye records featuring 4 sensationnal songs when you are beautiful summer of my life closesthing to heaven & just one more day with you

cynthia weil barry mann

eastside brill-building &half a century of melody together they wrote right here & now /bill medley loving you was easy/winter heart_heart/susie allanson love is on our side again with jim sullins/julio iglesias& never gonna let you go by dionne warwick on 1980 barry casablanca release he sings in harmony with joann harris&franne golde on brown-eyed woman

parker bigtree story &marvelous melodies

that was no surprise parker mac gee was in 1976 signed to big tree label he wrote i d really love to see you tonight huge radio single performed by label-mates john ford coley &the flegmatic well-known dan seals here on his nice solo effort parker offers a good side1ending with angel


rare single of jon lind

if you like 1994 arista curtistigers classic ghost of you and me co-written with richard page then you should try to buy through howdy moon featuring jon lind & valerie carter he also worked with allee willis on i wish i would have stayed performed by lani hall

greatest songwriter of all-time:richardkerr

if you listen you"llrealize he s also a great performer he wrote cant stop sung by ron dante/ love whatook you so long by mary macgregor/ mandy somewhere in the night looks like we made it dance away4 barry manilow/ i ll never love this way again& no night so long age of miracles you made me wanto love again performed by dionne warwick & his discography:from now until then1973 1975 epic'lp 1978 1981a&m home of his publishing rondor releases welcome to the club & no looking back autographed4me

years of quality:eric/kaz

he's been collaborating partner of steve dorff tom snow & wendy waldman & here' s 1974 release on compact disc released by atlantic short cuts with emotion & melody favourite of the pack surely is my love will never end & there s also 1000 years of sorrow you could have through amazon or me stephan

fertitta & mclintock:california pals

steven mclintock & dave fertitta released 4years ago that compact disc with great new material you will never learn betwen other gems yes they been comparedto simon&garfunkel but remember they also wrote cant change your mind 4camilo setso in his arista lp which also included john lewis parker perfection there i go again

All that glitters aint gold but andrew is

even though you might not be huge fan of orchestral rock aura by asia features wherever you are song penned by andrew gold & graham gouldman this just represents rock at its best pretty melody& what you must remember is essential in great engineering & production: dynamicfade best music performed by him urania&endless flight

yes here comes hammond

& i call him albert his greatest work remains up to now his1981 your world & my world featured here with songs co-written by tom snow such as the sweet anyone with eyes but he also penned another chance to love with sue shifrin 4 dionne warwick in her reservations for two last arista studio effort ofthe diva

Andy hill 'running up that

when you create a song performed by celine dion staying 1year in the uk charts:think twice you are someone worth exploring here s a single he made with drummer ian bairnson &nicole released in 1978 before he became bucksfizz renowned songwriter & producer in the 80's with johnny logan & scott fitzgerald & abba the only interesting stuff of eurovision contest

stevedorff or new delicacy

do you remember fire in the morning there s no love like our love cowritten with eric kaz & performed by warner bros duet gary morris & crystal gayle through the years top 100 4 kenny rogers well the common point is that all these fantastic songs are steve dorff's creations now here s his 1st cd with dynamic orchestration in every which way but loose

songwriter producer ccm/mor chrischristian

1981 was the greatest year of all in music & featured here is boardwalk release of chrischristian with beautiful songs houston love s not one to forget i want you i need you & ashford/simpson classic aint nothing like the real thing christian wrote & produced boones 1class album let me be lonely is the best song

michael bolton crooner pop/rock

& yes he is a songwriter1983how am i supposed to live without you by laura branigan 1985 at last you re mine performed by cherylynn 1987 now that its over by irene cara with great partner the fabulous douglas james heres a picture of his best compact disc released in 1984 & featuring call my name written by mark radice & him aswell as randy goodrum stuff &

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starting with cute deborah allen

each songwriter coming down in my place will be presented this way songs1;trouble in paradise

licensed through bmi


discography:1980capitol &